Saturday, 24 September 2011

John Deere Themed Birthday

My boyfriends cousins son turned 1! His birthday was John Deere themed, it was great and inspired this mani. I don't know which I like more, I'm leaning toward just the plain colours before I did the alternating coloured tips.

 Colours used
Urban Outfitters- UV
Sinful Colors- San Francisco

My try at an ombre manicure

I got my inspiration from All Lacquered Up but used a few more colours instead of trying to make a gradient with just two. I like the purple much better than the pink, but was too lazy to try and make enough of the colours to do both hands. What I did was do purple for one hand and pink for the other.

Colours used (purple)
Thumb: Revlon Top Speed- Lily
Index finger: Mix of Revlon- Lily and Color Club- Pucci-licious
Middle finger: Color Club- Pucci-licious
Ring finger: Mix of CC- Pucci-licious and A purple I got from Urban Outfitters
Pinky: Urban Outfitters- Purple

Colours used (pink)
Thumb: Mix of Essie- Blanc and Essie- Hot Pink (the label peeled off)
Index finger: Essie- Hot pink
Middle Finger: Mix of Essie- Flirty Fuchsia and Revlon- Sweet Tart
Ring finger: Mix of Essie- Flirty Fuchsia and Maybelline Wet Shine- Rasberry Punch
Pinky finger: Maybelline Wet Shine- Rasberry Punch

Girls Night Out

So I chose to do this manicure because I was wearing a LBD and wanted something cute but not too flashy. Sorry about the messy cuticles, this was a few months ago and I'm still trying to perfect my cuticle clean up.

Colours used
base for all nails except ring finger: Finger Paints- Black Expressionism
base for ring finger: Chine Glaze- Turned up Turquoise (neon)
top colour: Finger Paints- Art you wondering?

I'm back!!

I finally got a new charger for my computer ( yeah that's all that was wrong!) my computer is pretty old so the chargers are pretty rare unless I wanted to pay $90 for one. I chose to wait and find one for less, got mine for $25! Why waste $90 when that could just go towards a new computer. Well enough about my computer, and on to some new posts! I actually have some followers now so maybe I'll get some views :)

Thanks for reading!!