Friday, 13 January 2012

Week 2 of 52

Week 2: Jan. 8th - French Tip Mani

I don't know if it's allowed but I did two manis for this challenge. First I wanted something bright because I was sad about being home from vacation and the lack of sun here, then I wanted to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

Here is my colourful french tip. I'm not crazy about the base colour, I just didn't have any true neutral colours, this one has a bit of a shimmer and is a little too peachey to blend into my skin. I do love the tips though , wish the pink one was a little bit thicker though. 

The colours I used for this mani were, for the base colour Revlon- Peach Smoothie, all tips other than ring finger China Glaze- Turned Up Turquoise, and ring finger Essie- Punchy Pink.

Here is my good old fashioned French manicure. Please ignore what looks to be a crack in the tips, I think it's a piece of thread or something from my fluffy robe because I do my nails wearing a big fluffy robe. *blushes* For this one I knew I needed a french manicure colour so I finally bought one and really liked it. I would have preferred it look like this after one coat but instead it took two, then one on top after the white tips were painted.

The colours I used for this mani were Revlon- Sheer Petal and L'oreal- French Tip White.

I hope you are all enjoying this challenge as much as I am! :)

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Polished Perfectionist Giveaway!

This AMAZING giveaway is for the entire Hits No Olimpo collection! Check out her blog here to enter :) good luck to everyone!

Week 1 of 52

Week 1- Jan. 1st - "Make it Sparkle" Mani.
- Pull out your Best looking glitter, flakie or holo and bring in the New Year with a "Bang".

So since I was at the cottage for new years I didn't have a "New Years" mani. I used the plaid Sally Hansen Nail Strips, I felt they suited the cottage better than some sparkly nails. I know this isn't part of the challenge but I thought I'd add a picture of them anyways :)

Please excuse the very poor application. I did these while waiting for my delayed plane at the San Fransisco airport. I would really like these if I had scissors to cut them to fit my nails better and used a top coat to keep them from coming off so quickly.

Without any further adieu here is my "Make it sparkle" mani! 

The colours I used are Cosmetic Arts no name silver holo and Milani Hi-Res. I really liked this mani but it got chipped pretty easily and didn't look super sparkly like I wished it would 24/7. I will for sure be buying some more of the Milani holo polishes, I'd prefer a linear holo instead of scattered but I can't complain for $5.99 :)

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Monday, 2 January 2012

52 Week Challenge List

Here is the 52 week challenge shared on PAA byimsimply-complex aka LizMarie
I have changed a couple of the challenges to Canadian Themed ones versus American but other than that I have kept her original challenge. They are all listed below.

1. Jan. 1st - "Make it Sparkle" Mani.
- Pull out your Best looking glitter, flakie or holo and bring in the New Year with a "Bang".

2. Jan. 8th - French Tip Mani.

3. Jan. 15th - Color Block Mani.

4. Jan. 22nd - Plaid Mani.

5. Jan. 29th - Newspaper Mani.

6. Feb. 5th - Half-moon Mani.

7. Feb. 12th - "Valentine's Day" Mani.

8. Feb. 19th - Corset Mani.

9. Feb. 26th - "Vintage" Mani.

10. Mar. 4th - Polka Dot Mani

11. Mar. 11th - "St. Patrick's Day" Mani.

12. Mar. 18th - Skittle Mani.

13. Mar. 25th - Ruffian Mani.

14. Apr. 1st - Striped Mani.

15. Apr. 8th - "Easter Day" Mani.

16. Apr. 15th - Dotticure Mani.

17. Apr. 22nd - "Earth Appreciation" Mani.

18. Apr. 29th - Cartoon Mani.

19. May. 6th - Floral Mani.

20. May. 13th - Bows Mani.

21. May. 20th - Fruit Mani.

22. May. 27th - Splatter Mani.

23. Jun. 3rd - Ombre Mani.

24. Jun. 10th - Flag Mani.

25. Jun. 17th - Pride/Rainbow Mani.

26. Jun. 24th - Neon Mani.

27. July. 1st - "Canada Day" Mani.

28. July. 8th - Gradient Mani.

29. July. 15th - "Rockstar" Mani.

30. July. 22th - Water Marble Mani.

31. July. 29th - Crackle Mani.

32. Aug. 5th - Needle Marble Mani.

33. Aug. 12th - Galaxy Mani.

34. Aug. 19th - "Bling" Mani.

35. Aug. 26th - Cupcake Mani.

36. Sept. 2nd - Tape Mani.

37. Sept. 9th - "We Remember 9/11" Mani.

38. Sept. 16th - Metallic/Magnetic Mani.

39. Sept. 23rd - Dry Marble Mani.

40. Sept. 30th - Animal Print Mani.

41. Oct. 7th - "Thanksgiving" Mani.

42. Oct. 14th - "Pink 4 Breast Cancer Awareness" Mani.

43. Oct. 21st - Spider Web Mani.

44. Oct. 28th - Halloween Mani.

45. Nov. 4th - Tribal Mani.

46. Nov. 11th - "Mustach, 4 Movember; Prostate Cancer Awareness" Mani.

47. Nov. 18th - Patchwork Mani.

48. Nov. 25th - Feather Mani.

49. Dec. 2nd - Glitter Sandwich Mani.

50. Dec. 9th - Snowflake Mani.

51. Dec. 16th - Red Mani.

52. Dec. 23rd - Christmas Mani.

Dec. 30/31 - you've learned enough; go all out and show 2O13, what its all about!

Other bloggers taking part in the challenge:

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Manicure

I know this is super late but hey that seems to be my style :P This was my first attempt at stamping and I like to think it turned out pretty well. I just really need to work on placement. I found the santa themed nails on Pinterest but they weren't linked to a blog or else I'd post it.

The colours I used were SpaRitual- Spellbound as a base then put one coat of Revlon- Frankly Scarlet on top. For the stamping I used Essie- Blanc and Joe Fresh- Tin. For the Santa nail I used Wet&Wild- Black Creme, Essie- Blanc and Revlon- Gold Coin.

Jade is the new black

OPI Jade is the new black is a polish I have wanted for the LONGEST time, probably since I first joined PAA in June. I don't know what it is about this shade of green but I have just always loved it so much. I ordered this polish off Nail Polish Diva and it was the first polish I tried as soon as I opened my package.

You can see a bit of shrinkage on my middle finger but that's because I used Seche Vite. You can't really tell in this picture because they don't look very shiny. I didn't like the coverage, I had to use about three coats with lots of drying time in between. I don't really care for OPI formula but I love the colours!

Thanks for reading!

Fowl Play

I was so excited to get Orly's Fowl Play I put it on the night I got it. I was being lazy so I put it over a similar colour so I would only have to do a couple coats. I used two coats of Barrielle Hidden Hideaway as the base and did two coats of Fowl Play. I took a picture the next morning because it needed sunlight to do it justice.

Before this purchase my only flakie was Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black. I would pick Fowl Play over CHB any day! such a nice application if you let it dry between coats, if you don't the flakes get smushed around.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

The TraceFace Giveaway!

This girl is on a roll, I swear every time I check her blog she's gained at LEAST 200+ new followers!! Isn't she awesome?? wow :)

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Halloween Manis

I know I am suuuuper late to post this but I just haven't been around my computer enough lately to sit download pictures and upload them to my blog ( I know, bad girl!) I am going to try and blog at least once a week from now until my vacation on December 16-30. Let's see how that goes! So here is my super late post about the two halloween manis I did.

Please excuse the super dry cuticles and just skin in general. I saw a girl post a full candy corn manicure on PaA which I loved but wanted something a little more simple. I thought about doing all yellow nails since it's the base for the candy corn but decided the orange was more halloween-y. Not only is this mani super cute, it also glows in the dark!! Thank you ghoulish glow! I don't think I can explain how much I love Ghoulish Glow. It smooths everything out so nicely and glows so well! Every night I'd snuggle under the blankets and giggle because my nails were glowing :) this lasted about 4 days but then I got bored of it and changed it. The colours I used were Kleancolor- Mango, Urban Outfitters- UV, Essie- Blanc amd China Glaze- Ghoulish Glow. In this picture I don't have a top coat on. I put on Beauty Secrets top coat afterward.

This is my second halloween mani. I thought of it ( I know not very original) then the day before I did it I saw an almost identical mani online so I was embarrassed to post mine because hers was so much better. I don't remember who it was so I can't give them credit. If you know who it was please message me so I can give her the credit she deserves.

This was my first attempt at a nail design and my first time using a paint brush on my nails so don't be too critical please. I'm super old fashioned and love love love french manicures. I used to do them allll the time when I was younger and I have never grown out of loving the look. I was trying to think of a way to use the Wet and Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin so I'm so happy I thought of using it for this manicure. The colours I used were Finger Paints- Black Expressionism, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Sun Kissed, Wet and Wild Fantasy Makers- Creepy Pumpkin and Seche Vite. This was my first time using Seche Vite, I fell in love instantly! The smell made me a little woozy but I learned to not have my nails so close to my face when I use it haha. This lasted over a week long! Well those were my halloween manis, I hope you enjoyed them!

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

My first Kleancolor and Barrielle

So first of all I would like to apologize for my lack of posts lately. I started a new/ second job so I've been very busy and haven't been around the computer much. I'm now a nanny and a receptionist haha very random but I love my jobs, the best part is I'm employed by the same person for both jobs so it equals one big pay cheque instead of two little ones :)

Ok, enough about my life. On to the polish! So for the longest time I've seen the ladies on Polish-aholics Anonymous posting about their Kleancolor hauls so I decided to look into it. Loved what I saw and placed an order for 8 of them. I was so excited to finally have some in my collection when I saw Chunky Silver at Fairweather I just grabbed it. This was even before my payment had processed for the order. I couldn't wait to add a new brand to my stash. I don't really know how I feel about this polish. It's pretty thick, the glitter tends to stick together and the smell...omg don't get me started on the smell of Kleancolor! I guess that doesn't really make it sound like I really like this polish. Well I do!.... but I've only reallly liked it over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue so here's a picture :)

And for the Barrielle! So I bought this one at Winners for $4.99 because I thought it was pretty and as I said before I like adding new brands to my collection. I haven't done a mani with it yet so I only have a bottle picture and it does it nooo justice! I'm sure if you googled swatches of it you could find a beautiful one! In real like it's a very nice purpley/ burgundy colour, perfect for fall :)

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