Saturday, 7 January 2012

Week 1 of 52

Week 1- Jan. 1st - "Make it Sparkle" Mani.
- Pull out your Best looking glitter, flakie or holo and bring in the New Year with a "Bang".

So since I was at the cottage for new years I didn't have a "New Years" mani. I used the plaid Sally Hansen Nail Strips, I felt they suited the cottage better than some sparkly nails. I know this isn't part of the challenge but I thought I'd add a picture of them anyways :)

Please excuse the very poor application. I did these while waiting for my delayed plane at the San Fransisco airport. I would really like these if I had scissors to cut them to fit my nails better and used a top coat to keep them from coming off so quickly.

Without any further adieu here is my "Make it sparkle" mani! 

The colours I used are Cosmetic Arts no name silver holo and Milani Hi-Res. I really liked this mani but it got chipped pretty easily and didn't look super sparkly like I wished it would 24/7. I will for sure be buying some more of the Milani holo polishes, I'd prefer a linear holo instead of scattered but I can't complain for $5.99 :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm wanting some more of those Milani Holos, too. They are much better than I expected them to be.

  2. I have the same Milani polish its pretty!LOVE THE MANICURE!

  3. I love those Milani holos. I got them during Black Friday. Your nails look awesome

  4. wow your talented! beautful nails!!

    im following :)

    1. Aw you are too sweet thank you! I'm following back, your blog is so cool!

  5. Milani Hi res is such a beauty!