Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gel nails for my cousins wedding!

So I hate to admit it but once in a blue moon I do get fake nails. I wish my nails grew long and strong naturally but they don't! So for very special occasions I tend to go all out. These nails were done in a way I had never seen before, it was so cool! it's actually 3 different types of powders that when combined with I believe it's acetone or something of that sort turn into gel. 

What the lady did was cover my whole nail in the clear gel the used a template to scrape off the piece for the tip and filled that with white gel. Then she used that same template to make a diagonal dent in the white right down the to bottom (you could see the purple on both sides) and filled it with a shimmery purple. I love love loved how these turned out and if I ever need to get my nails done in Vancouver again I know where I'm going. Very conveniently my other cousin (they are brother and sister) is getting married this June! So I get to go back...hmm what colours will I get next time??

Of course I can't blog about a wedding without a couple pictures! Here is my cousin and his beautiful wife!
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